Hair and Makeup Artist in Miami, FL

On location Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist

The work of our hair and makeup artist in Miami, FL

On location

I am ready, willing and able to go to your location to serve you.

Professional services

Take pride in using professional tools, products and knowledge. Giving me outstanding results.


Appointments are taken very seriuosly. I will be on set location on time and ready to start your scheduled services.

Extended Media and Salon experience.

Graduate from Cosmetology School, specialization in Makeup Technology also recieved an Associates degree in Paramedical Skin care. In constant learning mode as a Matrix Artistic Educator keeping up with the up to date trends.  Started from ground up my beauty salon made full circle with a recent sell. Keeping up with the constant changes now I am online.

Television, Salon, Personalized Service

Going back to personalized service, one on one, no waiting your turn in busy salons. Services in your environment. No traffic, no parking. Time to relax, enjoy and get pampered.

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Arlene Arboleda

Miami  Hair and Makeup Artist

Arlin El Salon on location

Doral, Florida, United States

(786) 355-7727